About Us



ADAM PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALIST LTD was established in 1972 specializing in school photography service.  40 years ago, we used to handle just a small pool of schools and kindergartens. The number of schools has grown rapidly over the years to what we are now. With strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, ADAM PHOTOGRAPHY PTE LTD is considered the largest and well established school photography company in the region.

ADAM PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALIST LTD encompasses a wide variety of services and specialties with our team of professional photographers and designers crossing into other specialties for design creative rejuvenation.  The scope of our photography and designing are large and with the advent of advance digital technologies, we are taking the profession into exciting and innovative directions.

ADAM PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALIST LTD is committed to your satisfaction with our professionalism, high quality photographs and most importantly HASSLE-FREE photo taking service.  Let us assist you, contact us soon!


Photocraft Imaging Sdn Bhd was established in 2004. We are a one-stop center specialized in providing photography services to educational institutions (kindergarten, primary, secondary, college, university, etc) in Malaysia.

Our Mission. We are dedicated to capture precious moments in life. We truly believe that in years to come these photos will bring back fond memories, joy and laughter.

Our Vision. We strive to be the preferred partners in providing photography services where our services will be sought after for their superior quality, creativity , innovation and best value.

Our Values. We constantly look into ways to improve ourselves because we are committed to excellence. We consistently perform to our best to meet customer requirements and to provide customer with excellent services. Our commitment, dedication and passion enable us to provide superior quality in our work.